Betty Banzai grunge style poster

Day 182/365 Playing with photoshop

Had a photo shoot at Sugar Mill Night Club in Hull. This is from the second shoot of the day. Model feature is Betty Banzai from Model Mayhem. I want to do a grunge type poster similar to this Dirty Grunge Poster and Simple steps to create impressive illustration. Also this list of 450+ grunge brushes helped.

bb01 Original image

bb02 Background cut and left white

bb03 Duplicated layer, then Filter -> Artistic -> Cut Out. Set blend mode to 60% opacity.

bb04 New layer render clouds then blur, add radial shape in new layer

bb05 Build up layer with grunge brushes and changing layer blending styles, altering graduated blend mode

bb06 Continue with other brushes

bb07 Show all layers

bb08 Then text layer with graduated layer style.

Day 4/30 Song that makes you sad: Abba- Hasta Manana

Would have been my mums birthday today. She was a big Abba fan. I grew listening to all their songs. Now when I hear them I always think of my mum.

Missing you Mum.

Day 94/365 Day 4/30 Song That Makes You Sad: Abba-Hasta Manana

Where is the spring and the summer
That once was yours and mine?
Where did it go?
I just don’t know


Fuscia, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Taken last year in my Dads garden. Always has a good show of fuscias and other plants. Used the action for rounding corners and a vintage action to give a faded photo look.

Tescos Trolly Selective Colour

Another old shot. Taken at St Stephens in Hull. Used photoshop for selective colour/mono effect.

self portrait

self portrait, originally uploaded by Graham Warsap.

Taken awhile ago used a litho tutorial found here

Then used a brick wall texture with a radial full layer. Might have a go at another one in the near future.